Rāva  (Latvia)

“Folcore” is a Belarus Shamanic Folk metal band. Although theyplay a kind of folk metalcore, the name of the group is not related to the genre but rather refers to the vision of folk as the essence of creativity. Although the band was founded in 2012, its actual date of birth was April 19, 2014 when a promo track “Da zorakšliach” was released on the Internet. The band has been performing live since June 27, 2014 when their first performance on the stage was made at a three-day festival “Kupalskaje kola 2014”.

 In January 2017 the debut album "Haeresis" was released and received very positive reviews both by music critics as well as listeners. Several of the band members are former members of the band “Znich” that visitors of festival “Zobens un Lemess” have seen performing live in 2016.

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