Metsatoll (Estonia)

 “Metsatoll” is an Estonian folk metal band founded in 1999. They immediately released their first album that conquered love of the ethnic metal fans very fast and strengthened their position onthe top of the genre, where it still remains as is obvious from the numerous music awards.

The song lyrics contain ancient Estonian language and havereferences to Estonian history.

“Metsatoll”has supported the legendary Megadeth (USA) at the open air festival in Haapsalu, as well as toured with “Finntroll” (FIN), “Rotting Christ” (GRE), “Korpiklaani” (FIN), “Moonsorrow” (FIN), “Eluveitie” (CH) and others. Recently they performed on the original and largest metal cruises ever, in “70000 Tons of Metal”. Till now“ Metsatoll” has given more than 700 performances in 24 countriesand have sold more than 70 000 records.

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