Historical reenactment - we are trying to explore the past, and create the atmosphere of these historical times, by studying and creating precise copies of archeological artefacts.
The most noticable part of historical reenactment is fighting, swords, shields, axes, armor and many other things that humans have created to kill each other. It's interesting to see sword in a museum, or through a computer screen, but it's way more interesting to hold it in your own hand, while fighting. To understand where the sword's balance point is. To understand why shield were made that way. And to feel pride after winning a fight duel.

Exercitus Rigensis - The army of Riga, this name was given to Riga's soldiers by many authors of medieval chronicles. It is also the name of the club, that incorporates the medieval spirit in modern times. In the medieval times people didn't only fight, and neither do we, we also feast like people in the medieval times did! ''He, who isn't drunk, is wasting the Devil's time!'' that's the motto of our club. We lift our swords, and then we lift our jars!


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